Episode #26 – You’re Behaving Like A Dummy

We are coming to accept that we can all be a little stupid sometimes. But that doesn’t have to define our character. We discuss nostalgia, share diverse views about aging and debate the difference between a euphemism and euthanasia. Also, Johnny gets a little carried away giving examples of transition phrases.

Links to things we talked about this episode:

Elon Musk on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast


Episode #25 – Witches, Warlocks and Procrasticleaning

After a couple weeks away, we are back! And we have plenty of wily and contemplative topics to discuss. Witches and warlocks top the list (psh, obvs), along with spooky stuff, camping stories and the paralyzing indecision many parents have when deciding how to spend their fleeting spare time.

Unfamiliar terms you may hear this episode:

  • Gut Shot: the revolting yet effective cabbage drink we keep swigging *shudder*
  • elimination communication: the reason why you may see crazy parents (ie. Carly) putting their infant on a potty
  • Spooked: the spooky podcast Johnny’s been listening to
  • procrasticleaning: the thing Johnny does after Thanksgiving dinner (though his use of the word is different than urban dictionary’s definition)
  • vorarephelia: the unusual sexual fantasy of being eaten, eating another person, or watching someone eat someone else *shudder*

Episode #24 – Boogers Al Dente

Well guys, last week was farts…

This week we wander deep into booger territory, discovering a shocking study about their surprising health benefits while we mire down in the muck. But don’t worry, it’s not all juvenile humour… we also tackle more serious topics like the link between ego and depression, how to discover your strengths and use them and the need for a fart magician in the world.


Links to stuff we talk about:

Book/personality test on strengths: Strengthsfinder 2.0

Article on boogers: Eating Bogies is Good for Your Health

Book with more on the Default Mode Network (aka ego): How to Change Your Mind by Michael Pollan

Documentary Johnny talks about having just saw: One More Time With Feeling

Episode #23 – A Bird Shirt On Me

Ok, so we didn’t surprise you with a podcast while we were away last week… but we make up for it this week. You listen to Merriment because we’re shamelessly candid, right?

Well this week we’re going elbow deep in poop talk. Why are we so ashamed about pooping? We all do it. Even Beyonce does it. We’re trying to tear down that stigma with some fun(?) stories from our past week. We also talk about anxiety, and how it gets a bad rap but maybe—just maybe—there’s a positive side to it.

Links to stuff we mention this episode:

Book about psilocybin mushrooms that Johnny’s reading/listening to – How To Change Your Mind by Michael Pollan

Episode #22 – The Tricky Sex Life of Bed-Sharers

This week our bickering and bantering is at a sweet spot. We basically argue just enough to make things extra fun.

Topics we touch on: the idea of collective consciousness, fit moms gone a little crazy, yay or nay on spanking. We also disagree over whether kidnapping is a thing anymore, and give a glimpse into what it’s like to be the broadcaster announcing an amber alert. Then, near the end, we shed a little light on the tricky sex life of bed-sharing parents.

Thanks for listening!

Links to stuff we talked about this podcast:

Cool book – ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho

That podcast Johnny stole the term ‘hangers’ from – Your Mom’s House


Episode #21 – How to ‘Life’ Better, From Non-Experts

We’re not great at some stuff, like remembering to dust, ever, but this week we’re talking about some ideas at how we can ‘life’ better—and there’s a 98% chance you’ll be inspired by it.

Links to stuff we talk about this episode:

That podcast where they talk about ruminating – Joe Rogan Experience #1054 – Dr. Rhonda Patrick


Episode #20 – The Audacity of Flies

There are flies in the house, and Johnny can’t stop noticing them. A hunt ensues, and together we bond over our outrage for the sheer audacity of flies. Johnny shares about his recent social anxiety and we deconstruct where it could be coming from.

And we celebrate making friends with the neighbours in our quest to build a village.

Links to things we mention this episode:
Neighbour/Chef Ryan Reed’s restaurant – Nomad
That great movie with a great psychopath – Get Out

Episode #19 – Making A Documentary

This week we’re talking about the making of a documentary that has been consuming all of Johnny’s brain space lately, especially since it’s about a dear friend who passed away. We get into the doc-making process and give some behind the scenes insight into the feature length film that Carly thinks will win awards one day. Carly also shares her latest keto dessert discovery, and together we realize what no one ever talks about when discussing the possibility of life on other planets.

Deets on stuff we talked about in the podcast:

Carly’s Easy Keto Coconut Cream Dessert

1 can coconut milk, refrigerated at least overnight
1-2tsp sugar-free sweetener, or more to taste (we used Krisda Monk Fruit sweetener)
Handful of frozen blueberries
Handful of fresh strawberries

Scoop out the thickened coconut cream from the can, leaving the thinner, more watery liquid behind for use in a smoothie or something later. Beat the cream on high for three minutes or until thickened, adding the sweetener as you go. Divide the whipped coconut cream into two bowls and give each dish a healthy portion of berries on top. Eat right away or refrigerate until you’re ready to devour. Enjoy!

The podcast with the astronomer Johnny talked about

Episode #18 – When The Cookie Crumbles, Make An Ice Cream Sundae

The vibe is, hmm, kinda low key this week as we solve last week’s mystery of the true meaning behind “that’s how the cookie crumbles”, we ponder man kegels and peeing the bed, dive into the ‘why’ behind Johnny’s love for Tim Heidecker and reveal Carly’s failsafe way to scare a fly out of your house.

Links to stuff we reference this episode:

Too Many Cooks (Adult Swim)

On Cinema with Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington

Johnny Quit the Band 2

Episode #17 – Imposter Pasta

We are back from a week in the wilderness and riding the good vibes with a stream of consciousness that starts with unpacking the Goldilocks tale and ends with a revelation about cocky roosters. Somewhere in between we pull out some trivia on the origin of everyday sayings, like where “a chip on your shoulder” historically began and why we we would ever beat around a bush.

Links to cool stuff we talk about:

The Serotonin booster – 5-HTP

$20 off your first house cleaning with our Mopify referral link