Episode #10 – Two Frozen Apples Hitting Each Other

We’re off on separate adventures this week, so instead of our weekly chat in our living room we’ve dug into the vaults and found something a little different. It’s a call that was recorded just two months into our romance, when Johnny frequently called me at work. You’ll hear me go on the air a few times while returning to some ridiculously enthusiastic or wacky conversation with Johnny. It is definitely obvious we’re still new and shiny! We hope you enjoy.

Episode #08 – Mercury Retrograde Is Affecting Your Mail

Mercury is retrograde you guys (IS retrograde, ditch the “in”—you heard it from us) and it’s affecting your mail.

We went into this week’s Merriment podcast feeling a little lacklustre and sure it would be a low key night, but somehow we got all jazzed about Mercury retrograde and how we can blame things on it. We also have a rousing discussion about where ideas come from, and when exactly baby feet get stinky.

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Vox video – Mercury retrograde, explained WITHOUT astrology (below)

Episode #07 – Our Dancing Baby Went Viral

You guys, it’s been a funny kind of week!

This video we posted of Forest dancing to MGMT has gone viral since the last time we spoke. Apparently our kid is making people cry laughing all over the world. How great is that?!

So in this conversation we’re talking about the video, what was actually going on in the room, we talk about some of the comments, as well as the parental concerns and licensing logistics that came along with Forest’s popular dance moves.

Podcast mentions:
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