Since hiking barefoot in the mud at Dog Mountain, Johnny and I have “gotten our feet wet” you might say for more springtime adventures. We wanted to get out there and immerse in nature for longer than just an afternoon, and maybe involve an outhouse this time.

So of course, the natural next step was to head out into the wilderness for a camping trip.

What you won’t see in Where’s Walde Ep 2: Saltery Bay is the white-knuckled journey we had trying to catch the ferry over to our destination. The twists and turns along the Sunshine Coast were no match for us as we travelled a respectable level above the speed limit and bellowed “confidence is key!” In the end, we made it in the nick of time: 2 minutes before the ferry was leaving. Would you believe me if I said we were even later for the ferry on the way back? It’s astounding the sophisticated level of “pushing it” we manage to achieve.

And in fact, “pushing it” is probably the best way to describe what defined this trip, and what made it my favourite camping trip ever.

While some of it included the expected camping standbys–s’mores, tent-pitching, card-playing, beer, wood chopping–this trip was punctuated by a unique experience that is generally found to be taboo in our hometown of Vancouver: we talked to strangers. STRANGERS. And it was great!! It taught me a real lesson–don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with strangers and conquer your fears. That’s where the real adventure comes in.

In Where’s Walde Ep 2: Saltery Bay you’ll see the beauty we stumbled upon at Saltery Bay Provincial Park, the swims and wipeouts, and me getting drunk with new friends while eating their clams.       …yyyyeah, I’ll let the episode speak for itself on that one.

Special thanks to Romulo, Lulu, Myra and Rezza, our newfound friends who took us in and gave us the best camping trip ever!

-Carly Walde

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