It’s only been a week and a half since we started our 5 month honeymoon in Southeast Asia, but Bali already has us feeling worlds away from Vancouver.

Our first impressions of the Indonesian island: well, first of all we were terribly jetlagged. 24 hours of flying can really mess you up. So those memories are hazy. But I do remember bartering with an insistent taxi driver on a price to take us to our accommodation, and feeling nervous about being taken advantage of.

However we learned very quickly that, once you look past the initial hawking relationship locals and tourists reflexively have, there is a profound world of generosity, kindness, culture and genuine smiles waiting for you with the Balinese people.

We chose to spend our first five nights getting oriented at a cushy resort on Batu Belig Beach in Seminyak, Bali. The “Honeymoon Phase” of our trip, as we called it.

While the Balinese people will be featured more in future video blog posts (because they’re just so goshdarn wonderful), we chose to make this first video more of a highlights reel of our experiences in five days… because, you know, “Honeymoon Phase”.

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