Adventures in Bali: Tanah Lot & Luwak Coffee

Here it is, video #2 of our first couple weeks in Bali on this crazy extended honeymoon of ours!

It’s a genuine look at our experiences while visiting Pura Tanah Lot–a temple stationed on its own little slab of rock just off the southwest coast of Bali.

While the temple was incredible–breathtaking sights, and having the honour of touching a holy snake/being blessed by holy water–it’s what happened afterwards during our walk through the Tanah Lot Art Market that tickled us.

We’re animal-lovers, so of course happening across a giant bat hanging from a perch outside a coffee shop that’s teeming with luwaks is right up our alley. And when faced with the opportunity to drink what is referred to as the most expensive coffee in the world, made from the droppings of luwaks, well we’re not ones to turn down a new experience. Even if it is a catpooccino.

Anyway, enough chatter–go ahead and watch the video!

Footnote: Luwak Cruelty

We’d like to point out as an aside, the luwaks in this video are family pets and are free from cages on a daily basis, however cruelty to luwaks is rampant in the kopi luwak industry. It’s referred to as the most expensive coffee in the world because of the gathering efforts it takes to collect wild luwak droppings, but many luwak kopi producers have seen the benefit of caging the animals and collecting their valuable poop nuggets that way. Not only does it eliminate the value of the luwaks’ selectiveness for only the best coffee cherries when eating in the wild, it also is the start of yet another animal cruelty-reliant industry. To try a cup of catpooccino is one thing, but to make kopi luwak an offer on the Starbucks menu could be disastrous for our furry friends.

Read more about it here.

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