Adventures in Bali: Padang Padang & Thomas Homestay

We’re slowly but surely catching up on all these videos we have to share with you! 

Here, we take you to the southernmost point of Bali: Padang Padang, close neighbours with the more well known surf town of Uluwatu. We went from a cushy resort in bustling, upscale Seminyak to a VERY simple homestay in virtually the middle of nowhere. Just what we were looking for.

From the view of our dreams, the most unique sand we’ve ever seen and dance parties on the beach to Indonesian silver shops and raunchy Aussies, we definitely got our fair share of memories on this three day jaunt.

We know the weather is getting colder back home, so here’s some sun and sand to keep you warm! Tell us your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

*Psst… we still have five (or more!) Bali videos to come, but we’re in Cambodia now so if you have some suggestions of places to see or things to try let us know!

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