A moment of understanding…

This is a bit of a #TBT, to the day we visited Ben’s Balinese village for a traditional meal of Babi Guling to be shared with his family. Before we were ready to eat, though, Ben sent us over to the village market to shop and see how the average villageperson buys their food.

Contrary to the tourist-laden markets in the cities, nobody here spoke English and we were given a glimpse of what it’s like to shop and observe the Balinese market culture without being “hawked”.

It’s amazing how much you can still communicate without using words. Eye contact, facial expressions, voice inflection and a touch of charades go a surprisingly long way.

We purchased some incense and tried some of the best fruit we’ve ever tasted–jackfruit, I believe–and with smiles and waves of goodbye we were on our way.



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