Episode #14 – Carly Can’t Say ‘Infinity War’ Right (NO SPOILERS)

Tensions are running high as Johnny is coming out of the busiest few weeks of his life and I can’t seem to say Infinity War right.

We recorded this podcast right after seeing Avengers: Infinity War, and I decided to try structuring the podcast a little more by postponing talking about the movie (with ZERO SPOILERS, btw) until later in the podcast. It evoked the rebel in Johnny, who wanted to talk about it right away.

Other topics include:
-being “that dad” from movies, the one who works too much (ie. Peter Banning in Hook)
-how directors become dicks
-finding a balance in parental roles when fitting into gender stereotypes
-Forest’s music video debut
-our new favourite comedian (see links below for trailer!)
-bad comedy crutches
-what NOT to do before seeing Avengers: Infinity War in theatres
-why plastic is so hard to kick

None! We  totally nailed it this episode… unless I’m wrong.

Links mentioned this episode:
-James Acaster Netflix special trailer



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