Episode #25 – Witches, Warlocks and Procrasticleaning

After a couple weeks away, we are back! And we have plenty of wily and contemplative topics to discuss. Witches and warlocks top the list (psh, obvs), along with spooky stuff, camping stories and the paralyzing indecision many parents have when deciding how to spend their fleeting spare time.

Unfamiliar terms you may hear this episode:

  • Gut Shot: the revolting yet effective cabbage drink we keep swigging *shudder*
  • elimination communication: the reason why you may see crazy parents (ie. Carly) putting their infant on a potty
  • Spooked: the spooky podcast Johnny’s been listening to
  • procrasticleaning: the thing Johnny does after Thanksgiving dinner (though his use of the word is different than urban dictionary’s definition)
  • vorarephelia: the unusual sexual fantasy of being eaten, eating another person, or watching someone eat someone else *shudder*

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