Few have heard of the elusive sandal tree. Native to Gili Air, it is a rare treat when it shows itself. #travelfinds #exploreindonesia #giliair #islandlife #travelbug (at Gili Air Island)

You haven’t had ice cream until you’ve had ice cream with the right Hertz and crystal essence combo. (at Ubud Town – Bali)

Sneak shot of Johnny working on the next video. Can you spot the secret message? #goahead #bintang (at Dian Restaurant, Ubud, Bali)

A portrait of our new, very good Balinese friend, Made Ben. He took us in, brought us to his village, fed us babi guling and arak, took us to some very special community ceremonies and made us feel a part of it. He is a reason alone for us to come back again one day. 💜

We meet SO many interesting and friendly people in Bali every day, and we’re lucky Johnny caught this snap of one such moment.